Wednesday, 17 July 2024

How Diamonds Created In The Lab Are Redefining The Jewellery Industry? 

Although created artificially in labs, synthetic or fake diamonds are real. Quite interestingly, they exhibit identical chemical properties as their natural counterparts. The global diamond industry is witnessing high volatility in the wake of several events. 

While the diamond industry is trying hard for sustenance, one of the latest developments in the introduction of synthetic diamonds. The market for lab-created diamonds has witnessed massive progress in the past few years. This article specifically focuses on the sudden surge in demand for artificial diamonds.    

Artificial Diamonds Available in Elegant Colour Variants and Shapes

When compared to natural diamonds, the synthetic diamonds are available in an array of shapes and colour variants. These shapes include oval, emerald, pear, etc. So in the case of synthetic diamonds, the context of customisation is more.

If you are an ardent fan of gemstones, always consider wearing rings and ornaments made from realistic fake diamonds. Also, diamonds produced artificially are available in extravagant colours like pink, yellow, blue, etc. This way you can have a say on the colour of the gemstone too.   

Affordable in True Sense

Realistic fake diamonds are around 25% cheaper than naturally mined diamonds. But that doesn’t mean that artificial diamonds lack beauty of natural diamonds. Always be mindful of the fact that artificial diamonds are the same as that of natural diamonds in terms of optical properties. 

It is because they possess the same durability as that of natural diamonds. Also, note that there is a great deal of difference between diamonds created in labs and diamond simulants. They differ significantly in terms of quality and durability. In most of the cases, artificially created diamonds is superior to simulants. 

Diamonds created in lab enjoy a more considerable amount of popularity as they are durable. So weigh your options carefully while selecting realistic fake diamonds.