Monday, 22 April 2024

Giving our pets a comfortable bed so that they have a comfortable place to sleep or relax

Previously a dog bed consisted of a used sofa cushion placed on the floor or an old blanket. Choosing a quality elevated dog bed for dogs is a tough job as one bed that is comfortable for one dog may not suit another. The reason is self-evident that dogs vary in size and weight. A bed may be suitable for a tiny toy poodle or Chihuahua but unsuitable for a giant breed like the great mastiff or Dane.

The sleep time of the dog depends on the amount of exercise or activity the dog gets when they are awake. Better sleep for dogs helps them maintain their good health. Hence, dogs like having their selected places just for them.

What to check before buying a bed for them?

  • Fabric and Frame: we should try to select beds with a strong frame that can comfortably hold the weight of an average dog. Every where metal frame is only used as it is best since it’s solid and durable. Aside from metal and other rigid materials, they are resistant to chewing; hence they won’t break due to teething or dog anxiety within a few weeks.
  • Size: We should choose brands that make beds that scale to suit the bodies of several varieties of dogs. Moreover, we should try to eliminate most brands that focus on only the large or small sizes because dogs come in various sizes.
  • Comfort Features: A good bed should be as comfortable as possible. We should select the beds that are as comfortable as possible with the help of egg-crate textured foam, memory foams, bolsters, etc. In addition, the best dog bed designs come in different ranges, which include simple, stylish, flat, or plush. When choosing the best bed, we should prefer our dog’s size, preferences, breed, coat, and age all play an essential role.

How can one maintain their dog’s sleeping bed?

Washing is one way to maintain a dog’s sleeping bed. We should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about washing. The best thing is to keep a regular schedule depending on how clean the dog is. Moreover, if the pet remains indoors, the bed requires less frequent washing, unlike the bed for a dog that plays all day in the yard.

For how long does an average dog’s bed last?

Several cushions take approx. one year to wear out. However, with the best quality bed, the pillow may last up to five years. However, we all know that pets love to scratch or tear, so it’s more likely that the cushion will wear off fast. Moreover, heavier dogs will break the foam quickly, leaving a dog-shaped divot. Consistent laundering is also one way but is not very frequent, and plumping helps keep the dog’s bed and cover for long.