Wednesday, 17 July 2024

GIft ideas for your grandma for her birthday

Your grandma is one of the most important people in your life. She’s been there for you since day one, through your ups and downs, whether that be school, marriage, break-ups, or loss. So finding a great gift for her birthday is important. Sure, you could go down the super obvious route and buy her some flowers or perfume, but if you’re looking for a gift that’s outside of the box, fear not: we’ve put together some options for you to consider below…

A piece of jewelry


Your grandma will likely already have a box full of jewelry that she’s collected over the years, but adding a new piece to her collection is not a bad idea. Whether you get her a bracelet that has your family’s names etched into it or a Celtic cross necklace that helps her show off her faith and background, there are dozens of options to consider. Shop around online and be sure to choose a company that creates handmade pieces; quality over quantity is key.

Personalized canvas


Your grandma is no doubt always asking for pictures of you and your family, so why not bring some of your favorite selfies and special memories together on a customized canvas or picture frame that she can hang in her home? Try to include all of her nearest and dearest – even if you’re not close to your brother-in-law or uncle, adding them onto the canvas means she’ll have everyone she loves in one shot. Adding a cute quote on top can finish it off, too!

Tablet computer


Whether your grandmom is a hip grandma or more old-fashioned, the chances are that she wants to get online. Why not treat her to a new tablet computer or iPad so she can download apps like Facebook and YouTube and stay up-to-date. You don’t need to break the bank; Apple offers its cheapest iPad for less than $300, and alternatives from companies like Samsung, Amazon, and ASUS can be picked up from as little as $50. Install some useful apps, set up a profile, and show her how to use WhatsApp to text and call her relatives.

Cooking equipment


You just can’t beat grandma’s cookies, right!? Why not treat your grandma to some new equipment for her kitchen, whether it’s mixing bowls, weighing scales, or even some new pots and pans? Head to Walmart and see what’s on special; you can often pick up sets that are ideal for amateur bakers. Also pick up a The Great British Baking Show cookery book, she will have hours of fun trying out delicious new recipes, and you’ll get to sample them!

A smart speaker


If you don’t have the budget to treat grandma to a new iPad, why not buy her a Google Nest Mini or Amazon Echo Dot so she can listen to her favorite music, try out new podcasts, play the radio, and ask Google or Amazon for answers to common questions? It’s more intuitive than a tablet device for the older generation and can even be used to make phone calls. The best part is that you can pick up a speaker for less than $25 during promotional periods.

There you have it – some great gift ideas for grandma. Let us know which one you choose!