Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Get the best and genuine diamond ring for your loved one

Diamond is one of the most valuable items on Earth. Thus necessarily there have been numerous cases when diamonds have been sold claiming original but later proved to be 2nd class quality or even fake. So, when you select your Diamond proposal ring (แหวน เพชร แต่งงาน  , which is the term in Thai) it must have to have accredited certificate of authenticity from the competent authority and on the hand, it must have to beautiful as well. 

Now, if you think it in the context of Thailand then the nodal agency which is responsible for the accreditation of diamonds Is The Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR). Thus in Thailand, you must find out the best Company or jewelry maker who gives you a variety of choices as well as you can have the accreditation of diamonds from IIDGR. And there is only one legit and modern Company in Thailand that helps the customers to get their hands on the best diamonds and wedding rings, and the name of the company is Love and Company (LVC).

Love and company- The Company which is giving the best quality diamonds to their customers

Love and Company have been delivering the Genuine diamond ring (แหวน เพชร แท , which is the term in Thai) to their customers for many years. Their designs are exquisite and elegant because they have the best-experienced Craftsmen and artisans with them who give the diamonds the best cut and clarity. 

In Love and co. all the designs and cutting are done by the Craftsmen themselves. They have launched their new collections of wedding jewelry which includes LVC PROMISE, LVC AQUEEN, LVC ALEGRIA, LVC SOLEIL, etc. All these designs are new and are made as per customer satisfaction. The company not only offers the regular 4C diamonds but they also have 5C diamonds as well. So, if you are in Thailand and planning on getting engaged then first choose the right ring for her from the house of Love and co.