Monday, 20 May 2024

Five things to keep in mind while buying Juti

When men wear traditional outfits, juti for men is the perfect footwear to opt for. When wearing traditional outfits such as kurta and pyjama or a sherwani or a dhoti and bandh gala, one can’t wear formal shoes, let alone sports shoes. For such occasions, juti for men is the best footwear. Juti for men makes one look regal as they are adorned with embellishments and come in different colours and prints.

Jutis are classic traditional footwear that features a closed toe pattern. Most of the jutis also features a rounded top, making them even more stylish. Jutis for men can be exclusively worn on outfits such as a kurta, dhoti, bandh gala and even a sherwani. Since jutis come in a wide range of colours, you can pick up different jutis that match your outfits. If you want to opt for classics, colours such as black, white, cream and beige should be your best bet. 

Since the wedding season is finally here, you will be wearing a lot of traditional outfits, which is why you must buy juti for men. With different colours, patterns, designs and prints to choose from, you can style your outfits differently depending upon the occasion. 

If you are a groomsman, you can opt for jutis that are simple in terms of design. But if you’re a groom, you should pick out the juti that features intricate embroidery or embellishments, which will make you stand apart from the crowd. 

Before you buy juti for men, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind, such as –

  1. Right size: Size should be the primary factor when buying juti for men because you don’t want to suffer from shoe bites while dancing or walking throughout the festivities. Make sure that your juti isn’t too tight to cause blisters on your feet or too loose that could make you slip and fall. If you feel your juti is a bit large, you can buy insoles or socks that will give you a firm fit.
  2. Toe and heel: Your toe and heel should not squish against the juti; there should be a little gap in between. The toe should lie flat when wearing a juti instead of crunching on the side. It will be safe to buy juti that are broad on the front so your toes can have breathing space.
  3. Take a walk: Once you wear your juti, make sure to take a walk before finalising your purchase. Walk on all kinds of surfaces to make sure you are comfortable in them and that your feet are spilling out. 
  4. Check the material: The fabric of the juti matters because that’s what ensures its durability. Leather is the best since it will allow your feet to breathe. You can even settle for other fabrics such as silk if you want a more fancy look with embroidery and intricate designs.
  5. It should match your outfit: Buying a juti can be a bit tricky because one must ensure they match their traditional clothes. If your outfit features a lot of floral prints, you can opt for floral printed jutis but if you’re wearing a simple kurta, settle for leather jutis for a more stylish approach.
  6. Buying time: It is wise to buy jutis during the daytime since that is when you walk the most, causing more blood circulation in your feet, making them swell up. Since you’ll be doing a lot of running during the festivities, it’s wise to purchase your jutis during the day when your feet are a bit swollen up, allowing you to get a better fit.

With these tips, buying juti for men will become easy.