Monday, 20 May 2024

Finer Options for the best Choices for Grammy Shirts

You have a budget to respect, you are looking for cheap custom t-shirts with a good quality / price ratio. By the way, what is expensive is not the t-shirt but the marking and the personalization. So when you go to websites to customize your t-shirt, we find simulators to do it yourself by adding online your image, text or logo.

However, this can sometimes cause problems of display, file format and you feel lost between all these products to see which will succeed your creation and design. So do not panic, we are here to advise you.

Of course, we agree, we are never better served than by ourselves. That’s right, that’s why we ask you to trust us because we guarantee you directly the quality of the customizations but also costs and suitable deadlines. Follow the details of our customization steps to create your t-shirt as it should. The Grammy Shirts are the best ones that you can have there now.

Opt for a design made by us, it’s free

Imagine and we guarantee you the perfect result for original and unique personalized t-shirts . It is true that one is never better served than by oneself. However, unless you are a professional who has computer graphics software or access to paid image banks to realize and customize your t-shirts, you may find some difficulties in achieving a design that corresponds to your idea.

Our approach is simple, choose the t-shirt that suits you and trust us to create the design of your choice by sending you several proposals.

The Marking Techniques used

  • Screenprint: the most used for both small and large quantities for 1-color prints
  • Digital transfer: from 1 to 6 colors (interesting for quantities to 500 units) because the technical costs remain high
  • Sublimation: to print images or color gradient for accurate rendering
  • Embroidery: bad idea for t-shirts
  • Digital printing: for successful marking with small dimensions of logos in several colors.
  • Which t-shirt for which event?
  • Promotional: cotton or polyester low grammage for short-term use, usually 135 gr
  • Winter Sports and Outdoors: polyester Breathable for perspiration 135 gr, 145 gr
  • Standard use: cotton 150 gr in general
  • For Long Life and Strength: Superior weight 160 gr, 180 gr
  • Sport and summer: breathable polyester and tank tops
  • Premium quality: polyester with cotton touch, cotton 195 gr
  • Possible marking surfaces

Customize a t-shirt

Thanks to our more than 12 years of experience in the customization of t-shirts and other advertising apparel, we guarantee you an optimal rendering of quality. Order by yourself to see the precision and reliability of the printing techniques. Expert in printing on t-shirts, we will propose you the techniques of marking the expensive and the durable to offer a printing of quality. For custom t- shirts on our website, we choose the most suitable technique between direct digital printing and flocking. However, if you prefer one technique to another, do not hesitate to indicate it in the comments directly in your basket, we will take account of it as soon as your order is confirmed.