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Finer methods for the best Massage for you


Children suffer stress, insomnia, fear, muscle, back and neck pain. The saying that children are made of rubber is not true. When they fall or get hit, apparently everything is fine and not care, however it hurts, their body is hit and the discomfort can last for days. Furthermore, the consequences of trauma received from accidents or falls tend to be reflected in adult life.

Massage is an excellent tool to help kids relieve pain, inflammation and calm stress

Similarly, when a child practices sports such as basketball, ball, football, gymnastics, swimming, his body requires special attention and care to protect him in a preventive way, to avoid complicating future injuries, instead of remediation, when trauma occurs. Make a visit to for the best results there.

The Case with the Child

When a child is scolded, he is scared, especially when he does something wrong that drains them emotionally and physically. Those thoughts and the anguish of what his parents will do if they reprimand him cause tension and do not let them sleep.

Also, growing pains are present. At least that’s my perception because, although scientifically the growth pains in children have not been proven, that does not mean that they do not feel them or that they do not exist. These aches or pains at night, especially when the child is between 6 to 9 years old, are common in the vast majority of boys.

Based on this, minors also benefit from the benefits of massage. A 30 or 45 minute therapy is enough for them to feel relief.

  • We were recently visited by a 6 year old girl who would be receiving a massage for the first time. She was accompanied by her godmother, who is a regular client and knows the way we work. On one occasion she was accompanied by the girl and when she saw the therapy she told her godmother that she wanted to receive a massage and she came to my office.


  • We interviewed the minor and explained what the massage consists of: it should not be painful, if there is any manipulation that hurts or feels uncomfortable, you should notify me  immediately. We asked her what aroma she would like to have in the diffuser she likes and she replied that the one from China. We also asked him to indicate if he had any pain, discomfort or an area that he wanted me to pay more attention to for Shiatsu Foot Massager reviews


She told us that her upper back and shoulders hurt, especially the right side. Once the instructions were given, we left the space to give her privacy and her godmother to help her get comfortable and go up to the treatment table.

When the experts started working on his upper back, they realized that she had accumulated tension. You can notice it because the skin and fascia feel stiffer and less elastic than other areas. They did several manipulations on the soft area within his comfort level.

In the case of children who play sports, 강남1인샵 massage is also of great benefit to them since it can work muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons, increase circulation, activate the lymphatic system and help the child athlete to recover quickly.


Activating circulation is of great importance because the blood has oxygen, nutrients, hormones and gases that are “the medicine” that the tissues need to repair micro-injuries, help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It also activates the lymphatic system, responsible for trapping toxins in the tissues.