Monday, 20 May 2024

Finding Kids Clothes that are Appropriate for the Weather

Most likely you like to purchase your child’s basic pieces such as top, long pants, and so on, from a favorite store. Or perhaps you spread out your purchases among different shops for more variety.

But when it comes to weather-specific clothing, it can be harder to find. If you need swimwear, snow boots, jackets, rashguards, hats (I’m assuming not all of these at once though!) these can be more difficult to know where to go. And this happens on a yearly basis in most families, since children outgrow their clothes quickly.

Making last-minute purchases of these seasonal items is not the best idea, although many of us have been there and done that. And you know how that works right….? It seems like every size is in stock except the one you actually need! And your child needs a jacket and the weather is getting colder. And the only one available either looks bad or is pricey. 

No, the best way to handle this is to get on top of these purchases and buy them before you desperately need them.

Write a list during spring for every summer item that your child is growing out of. Likewise, write a list during autumn for every winter item your child will need.  If you’re unsure what your child needs, have him or her try on their existing weather-specific items. And yes, that’s not easy. Most children have no desire to stop whatever they’re playing just to try on their winter clothes in the middle of summer, for example. But it’s important to set aside a time to do this. Explain to your child that “after lunch, we need to try on your winter clothes.” Set aside those items to try on beforehand, so you’re not scrambling to find them while your child is getting bored and frustrated with the situation. Keep the timing as short as possible while still getting everything sorted out; not just for your child’s sake but for yours too!

It’s worth taking a look at information such as how to prepare your child for winter at a cheap price point before shopping. You’ll find some neat tips and ideas that will really help.

Another approach to take is, regardless of whether or not your child is outgrowing his or her current gear, to get the next size up and set it aside ready for use whenever your child does outgrow the current item. Not for every type of clothing, of course, but for just for weather-specific things like a jacket, hat, swimwear, and so on.

  • Conclusion

Finding weather-appropriate clothing for your child is not difficult, but it does require some planning.