Monday, 20 May 2024

Ethnic kurta for women — 4 Different types of Ethnic kurta that are a must-have

No matter how diversified your dressings are, the charm of ethnic wear is unbeatable. With their simple yet powerful presence on your body, this ethnic wear makes you look prettier and more elegant. Kurtas are one of these traditional wear attires that are not only super comfy to wear but present an entirely new air of perfection in your personality that none other styles can achieve so splendidly.

We can talk for hours about the charm of an ethnic kurta for women and still not describe it much. Oh yes, these can be so varied and impressive. And the main feature of these kurtas is that you can find them in numerous distinct types and styles. This is the reason women prefer to wear them on such a large scale. Like, you can be wearing a kurta to work every day and still look unique each time. However, you shouldn’t hesitate after checking the types and styles these are available. Let us guide you about the most distinguished ones of these.

  1. The Anarkali styled kurta –We think Anarkali in Mughal-E-Azam was pretty serious when she said that her name would exist in this world forever even though her body won’t be there! Imagine every other woman searching for ‘Anarkali’ on the internet now and then. Well, this is one of the most glorified versions of kurtas, having a body fit style up to the waist and circling in a refined, rich flair from the mid-waist. You find these most suitable for festive and party occasions, but even wearing them casually has its own special feel! Pair it with leggings and chudidar to kill the ideal Anarkali look magnificently.
  2. A-Line kurtas –A-line as specified means a kurta designed in an ‘A’ shape. It goes in a medium fit from the top and gets the opposite slant cut from the bottom. You can find this type of Kurta either very long, almost touching your ankle or a shorter one that comes to your knees. In either way, you can style this lovely type of ethnic kurta for women with your denim jeans if you are looking for a casual look or with a chudidar, leggings or pants to achieve maximum grace out of it.
  3. The regular fit kurta – Arriving just around your calf, kurtas hugging your curves perfectly, the regular fit kurtas look a classy addition to your personality totally. These can be as simple and casual as printed cotton patterns or plain rayon based and even heavy with embroidery and other designs on silk or chanderi fabric. In short, these regular fitting kurtas accompany you everywhere you go! You can resort to them for a busy day at work or simply flaunt them at the next festival and so on! Paired with Palazzo, this type of Kurta wins the hearts. However, you can play the same magic by wearing skinny jeans and regular pants under them too.
  4. Floor-length kurta –Floor touching kurtas are trending nowadays because of their distinct flair and ritzy presentation. Of course, it is impossible to be carrying this style regularly at work. However, you can always try this type of ethnic kurta for women during parties, formal meet-ups and even festivals. These look stunning no matter what you are styling them with and add stars to your fantastic appearance.

A lovely looking Kurta always works in a positive way to enhance your personality. With these options to choose from, we are sure you won’t ever be short of this vibrant attire in your wardrobe. Wear them with grace and flaunt your unique style in a captivating manner!