Friday, 14 June 2024

Cryptooutfit: Setting the Pace on Cryptocurrency Adoption


The use of cryptocurrency for online shopping is on the increase as more sites now accept payment in crypto. Individuals are also willing to utilize the option that makes transactions faster, more transparent, safer and more secure.

In the past, only fiat was available for payment thereby making transaction confirmation a bit more delayed and more expensive. But now, buyers and sellers have more fluid options and are settling for the use of crypto.

Cryptooutfit to the rescue

Even as cryptocurrency has become a popular means of paying for goods and services, a lot of people do not know about them. However, the “SHIRK” fashion outfit is using its design to create awareness about cryptocurrency. The chances are that you may have bought one of their products or know of someone who has. You can get their products on the cryptooutfit website.

SHIRK create their distinctive fashion designs using a minimalist approach by embroidering cryptocurrencies on apparels. They do it in such a way as not to me it annoying to the user. Those new to cryptocurrency can even mistake their customized designs for a designer label. Why do they do this? They want to ensure that more people know about and adopt cryptocurrency for payment.

$1000 Raffle Giveaway

SHIRK is not satisfied with just printing crypto on apparels; they are taking a step forward by organizing a competition where a winners will go home with a prize up to $1000 in BTC or any other Cryptocurrency preferred by the winner.
To qualify to take part in this competition, you need to purchase one of their products on through the website using the “WIN1000” promo code. With the code, you get up to 15% discount. The moment you fill the required amount, you will be entered into a live raffle on Instagram – @cryptooutfit. The winners are picked from a box randomly once the entry time is up, they will host a LIVE INSTAGRAM session to pick the winners. They also have exclusive Digital Gold Embroidery Tee, and purchasing that using the “WIN1000” promo code will give customers 2x entry into the raffle. However, the name is entered into the raffle according to the checkout done, not according to how many items purchased. So, you must act fast to avail yourself the opportunity.

All the details of the Raffle competition is available at, so you need to visit it and get yourself into the competition by following the steps needed to stand the chance to win upto 1000 USD prize in BTC or the preferred Cryptocurrency by the winner.

Discount codes available

The first discount code you can use to is “WIN1000,” and it gives you a 15% discount at checkout with putting your name into the Raffle competition for winning the prizes. All the users can checkout as many times as they desire with the code, it enhances the chance to win the prize. The code will be live for 60 days, starting from 13th May, 2019. The second code is much higher, and it gives you a 25% discount but does not allow you the luxury of joining the raffle competition.