Friday, 14 June 2024

Common ways to tell your jewelry may need repaired


How can you tell whether your jewelry needs to be repaired? It’s better to repair your jewelry early rather than have the damage become more considerable. Here are a few common ways to tell.

Your Stones are Loose

You should be able to tell if a gemstone has become loose if it wobbles a little within its setting. This is dangerous because a loose gem can fall out at any time, and you may not notice. This is most likely to happen to rings, because rings are subject to additional wear.

Your Chain is Damaged

If links of your chain have become twisted or broken, it’s important to get it repaired quickly: otherwise the chain could fall apart, and anything attached to it could be lost. Repairing chain links is fast and easy, and it’s usually not possible to see where the repair was done.

Your Ring is Loose or Tight

If your ring feels too large or too small on your finger, it’s possible that it must be resized. Resizing quickly is important before you lose the ring, and many people will gain or lose weight over their lifetime.

Your Watch Isn’t Keeping Time

If you have a watch that isn’t keeping time, it’s likely that it needs to be fixed by the manufacturer or has an issue that has to be repaired. A jeweler can help you determine whether your watch needs to be fixed. If you need your jewelry repaired, don’t delay bringing it into the jeweler you purchased it from.