Monday, 20 May 2024

Common Fitness Clothing Mistakes

Gyms are social hubs that have a certain code of etiquette. It is truly nasty for somebody to use the bench press after you have dropped a liter of fluids on it. You know, the power of the first impression is completely relevant in the fitness world. It is important to wear the right clothing and to practice good hygiene. This will make all the difference between a pleasant workout and a terrible workout.

Check out some of the most common fitness clothing mistakes you can notice in the gym:

  • Wear clothing that can absorb the sweat and leave it out of the body.

Workout clothes are designed to keep the perspiration away from your body. Wicking fabrics are made of polyester and Lycra blends. They last longer, dry faster and keep you comfortable throughout your workout. Heavy-weight cotton t-shirts tend to hold on to moisture. So avoid those, or your workout session will be an uncomfortable experience. And please, don’t forget to carry a towel.

  • Make sure your clothes fit well on you

Too big workout clothing is inefficient to wear in the gym. I know this sounds contra-intuitive, but please just bear with me. Too loose clothes will constrict your movement and even make you smaller than you are. You can choose a nylon-elastane mix or similar materials. It is important to choose a fit that will give you freedom of movement. Practice U is helping to find the perfect and comfortable clothes. More fitted clothing will give you more aesthetic appeal. There is nothing wrong with showing why you’ve put the hours and sweat.

  • Wearing Cologne in the gym is not such a good idea

We (men) think that wearing cologne is all or nothing thing. Forget about the 10 spays for a workout in the fitness. The gym and the nightclub are two different places. It is really annoying if someone wears strong perfume. Fragrances tend to carry in closed environments. It is indelicate. Especially to women (they possess a more sensitive sense of smell). It is completely enough for good hygiene at the gym to wear washed workout clothes.

  • Forget about flip flops

It is crucial for your workout footwear to provide support and protection to your feet. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of injury and to improve physical performance. Flip flops are appropriate to wear only after a workout, in the locker room. They are not designed for running on the treadmill or squatting. Make sure the shoes you choose fit you well. Also, avoid wearing the same shoes you wear outdoors. It is not ok to bring in the mud and dirt from outside to the gym.

  • Jewelry at the gym? Better not.

Jewelry at the gym is unsafe and completely unnecessary. You can potentially damage it by not removing them during a workout. Also, an allergic reaction may be caused by the reaction between perspiration and the metal. That is why it is better to leave your chains, rings, bracelets, and watches at home or store them in the locker before a training session.