Monday, 20 May 2024

Choosing the Right Deals in the Right Baby Shirts

Faced with the multitude of cuts, materials and colors, it is not always easy to choose the right clothing. We have been caring for children for over 20 years. Our job is to imagine and create the right clothes for your little one. And to guide you in your choices, here are some tips from our team. With the best mimi ever shirt you can have the perfect option now.

At every age his clothes

The choice of clothes for your baby depends in part on his age. Depending on its size, weight or advancement, some features will take precedence over others! In all cases, comfort and practicality are generally priorities.

The first months

Before D-Day, it is advisable to prepare a birth set containing the essentials for the first days of your child. You will save time and organize the arrival of baby without the stress of the last minute. The golden rule for the first months: focus on practicality! Given the speed at which your baby is growing, remember to check the size of your clothes often enough. Pay particular attention to tight wrists and socks, so as not to compress limbs. The use of the mimi t shirts  comes up perfect now.

Some essentials to dress infants:

  • The hat of birth is as useful as cute. He keeps his head warm and baby is chewable
  • From 2 months, you can start to dress your baby with t-shirts or polos that slip on their head. With pressure on the shoulder or back they are even easier to put on
  • In winter, the under-pulls are in order; in summer, opt for longshoremen
  • Pants in fleece or a harem pants cotton elastic waist complete the outfit, unless you choose a dress easy to put on

From 6 months

Now that baby starts fidgeting, always make sure you prefer the practical side to dress or change it more easily. Whatever your choice, check the number and type of openings. Zippers, elastics, buckles or snaps usually save time! Some baby clothes are also quicker to put on than others. Zipped vests, crossed bodysuits, buttoned polos or overalls are particularly preferred. You can start to please yourself by buying sweaters with small buttons, comfortable sweatshirts, vests of all kinds, side pants, zipped openings can complement the elastic belts. You have a wide range of jeans, shorts, Bermuda shorts and even formal trousers! The choice of dresses and skirts is also expanding for little girls have fun composing outfits for their sweaters or T-shirts. For the mimi baby shirts this is important now.

For the older ones

As soon as your child begins to move, opt for more resistant clothes! If he starts to dress on his own, choose t-shirts and patterned tops: it will more easily find the direction to put on.

The subjects

Knowing the materials in which your child’s clothes are made is particularly important. They determine their comfort, the ease to put them on or their resistance. As a general rule, choose stretchy, flexible and comfortable materials.