Wednesday, 17 July 2024

Chemicals and your face

Whenever you go out, you face better to say your face, faces heat stress, pollution, dirt, harmful chemicals, etc. that leads to the dampness and destruction of the outermost layer of your skin. Your skin becomes dry and full to that effect. Now when you come back home, the first thing you must do is to clean your face and in order to do that you use some face wash from some brands. But you should be made aware that most of the skincare products and brands contain more hazardous Chemicals than the pollutant air itself. And these chemicals make your skin more susceptible to skin problems like acne, irritation, dryness of skin and allergic issues as well.

Mud from the Amazon Vitamin C from the lemon

To resolve all the problems related to face wash, Kiehl’s, a leading brand in skincare producer have come up with an innovative Cleansing gel (เจลล้างหน้า  which is the term in thai)product by the name of Ultra Facial Oil-free Cleanser Cleaning Gel. This product will not only help you clean your skin but it will also provide you the moisture required for your face and also makes your face refreshed at the same time. The product contains Imperata cylindrical ( a common desert plant)  that helps to remove oil and dirt from the skin but at the same time it helps the skin to retain moisture, and the other major component of this product is the lemon extract, lemon extract contains mainly citric acid also known as vitamin C which helps to reduce bacterial growth if any present on your face.

The components are 100% organic and natural; that is why they do not cause any kind of side effects to the skin like the most other products from other reputed brands causes. The main advantages of this product are—

  1. The product is completely devoid of oils and very easy and quick to use
  2. As it does not contain sulfate, so it does not make the skin dry and tight
  3. It does not have any amount of parabens, silicone, perfume, and oil; thus, no side effect on the normal skin is guaranteed.

So if you live in Thailand and want to try 100% Naturally made herbal cleanser then just go to the online portal of Kiehl’s and order the product to see it working.