Monday, 20 May 2024

All you need to know about rocking the iconic Red lips

Shades of red are seen as the sign of beauty since ancient times. The red pigment has played a significant role in the queen’s makeup in the Victorian era. Red can be a bold shade whose meaning has been reinvented decade after decade. This classic color can bring about and beautify of any outfit.

Even though there are many shades of pink nudes and other miscellaneous shades in lipstick, the red ones have an everlasting charm to it. A woman with red lips is seen as vibrant, daring, and stylish in the way they present themselves. Here are few tips to rock the red lips using red lipstick [ลิปสติกสีแดง which is also the term in Thai].

·         Getting the right Red lipstick:

The first thing one must note is that there are different varieties of red lipstick available, each with different formulas and different textures. This variety includes high gloss, matte, liquid lipstick, liquid powder, etc. it is necessary that one must know the idle lipstick for them. Try experimenting with different shades to find the best fitting shade of red for the skin tone. Blue based reds work better on people with fair skin tone, whereas the yellow based ones look very flattering on the warmer skin tones.

·         How to wear Red lipstick:

When one wears lipstick, it is necessary to wear a lip balm to blend the color. Lip balms keep the lips hydrated because dry lips can cause bleeding. Thus to prevent this, it is necessary to wear a lip balm before going in for a lipstick. The amount of lip balm that a person applies also matters a lot since a lot of lip balm can make the lipstick slippery and sloppy.

Lip scrubs are highly recommended for preparing the lips. This helps in exfoliating the dry skin on the top of lips and give them a plumper look. Using a concealer around the corners of the lip can make lips look more fuller. The concealer can be used in defining the shape of the lip.

Having a cotton swab is highly recommended to avoid smudges during the day. While applying the red lipstick first use a liner to high light the edges. Make sure that the liner is in the same shade of the lipstick. For applying the lipstick, make sure to use a lip brush for more precision. It is highly adviced not to put lipstick directly on the lips. Using a lip brush can give a well-defined look for the lips.