Wednesday, 17 July 2024

A simplified guide for choosing the right e-juice!

If you have been looking for an alternative to cigarettes, e-cigs should look like an obvious choice. There is some evidence that shows that e-cigs might be a less harmful choice, but you do have a few advantages for sure. Firstly, there is no ash, and you can actually control the amount of nicotine that goes in the e-cig. Every e-cigarette needs e-juice, also called vaping juice or simply juice, besides an atomizer and battery. Brands like PGVG Labs have all sorts of options, and before you buy one, here’s a look at aspects that matter.

What is e-juice made of?

All e-juices contain a mix of a base (Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), or a blend of both), distilled water, nicotine and flavorings or extracts. Generally speaking, Propylene Glycol (PG) base is great for enjoying the flavor or aroma, but you wouldn’t get the same amount of vapor as you would with VG. VG does affect the aroma due to the sweetness but offers the ultimate vapor that many smokers associate with. The price of e-juices is often dependent on the flavors, and some of these use extracts that are more expensive. Premium vape juices often have distinct aromas, including signature scents.  

How to decide on nicotine strength?

Nicotine strength can vary in e-juices, and the same juice may be available in different variants. If you are a light smoker, or someone who has been trying to wean off nicotine, go for a juice that’s low on nicotine, strength typically not exceeding 6 mg. Juices that have nicotine strengths between 9 mg and 16 mg are considered in the medium category, while any juice with more than 18mg of nicotine strength is designed for smokers who cannot do without nicotine. What you choose depends on your preference, but try a lower strength dose if you can and change/adjust as required. The liquid may change color as you vape, because nicotine is prone to oxidization.

Does brand matter?

Yes, absolutely. You have to consider e-juices that come from premium brands, not because you want to just try different aromas, but also because you wish to enjoy the best flavors in the best form. Some extracts, as we mentioned, are expensive by nature, and it takes considerable time, research and money, to come up with specific blends. Always go for a manufacturer or seller, who is reliable, and wouldn’t compromise on the flavors.

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