Monday, 22 April 2024

A Brief Guide on Choosing the Right Workstand for Bikes

A repair stand or workstand can be immensely useful when carrying out any repair work or working on the bike. Not only it helps in lifting the bikes off the ground but also holds it in the comfortable working height, keeping it secure and stable. It also provides you with chances to pay attention to the tasks you need to carry out rather than using a hand to hold the vehicle still. The workstand is looked upon as the heart of a home workshop.  Once used, you’re bound to wonder how you would ever do without it.

You need to consider a number of factors before purchasing a bike stand.  Prior to focusing on the shop from where you can get it, you need to determine how you want your stand to be. Figure out whether or not you want it to be portable. Get to know more about the product’s strength and its capacity to hold bikes.  Budget turns out to be a significant factor while making any decision.

Type of Workstand 

 To make the right decision, it is significant to know more about the types of repair stand that are available these days. Well, there are mainly two kinds of stands namely:


  • Tube clamping workstands


This common style named tube clamping workstand can either be used to grab the frame tube or hold onto seat posts. Well, they are quick to grab but not ideal for the bike types. One shouldn’t clamp very light bikes by the frame tubes. Also, there are the super aero frames which hardly offer the best surface to clamp securely. In case, you’ve anything but an aero or super light road bike, tube clamp style is indeed the best choice. It enables you to work with the wheel properly mounted and the strangely placed brakes definitely won’t be the matter of concern. 


  • Bracket Mount Workstands


This style of stands is mostly used in the World Tour race. It hardly involves clamping on the frame tubes. Also, it allows the mechanic to spin the bike easily so that it can reach all sides and areas of the bike without any need of moving themselves. The style is compact and doesn’t take up much space. Exerting immense force on stuck bottom bracket and tight bolts is mostly done best in this particular style of stand. 

However, to buy a bike stand of unmatched quality, it is significant to rely on the right providers. Though you might come across a number of professionals who would claim to provide the best quality product, it is significant for you to research well. Instead of relying on words, browse through the Internet to shortlist the store that has earned utmost recognition for offering the clients with sturdy and highly-functional bike stands at affordable rates. Don’t settle for any less. You can feel free to go through the client testimonials in order to know what the former clients of the store you’ve chosen have to stay about the products they offer.