Wednesday, 17 July 2024

6 Plants That Make Great Gifts and What They Actually Mean

Plants are known to breathe life into any space. Giving a plant as a gift makes for a good idea and gifting a plant that symbolizes something makes it ever better. There are so many plants out there that one can gift as a token of good fortune, to de-stress, or simply to make the room delightfully aromatic. So, if you are searching for some good plants to buy as gifts onlineor otherwise, read on to know what different plant symbolize in order to make a smart decision:

  1. Money Tree

If you gift a money tree to someone, it means that you are wishing good fortune to them. These green plants or trees serve as great gifts to your business contacts and coworkers. Making for brilliant office plants, these trees need little water and prefer indirect light. So, money trees are an excellent gifting option, especially to the people of your office.

  1. Lavender

Lavender is famous for its calming natural fragrance and are said to pacify the soul and mind. Lavender is said to be a symbol of love, devotion, and constancy. This plant is ideal for gifting to a friend that is having a tough time and needs to break away from the confusion and stress. The tranquil, peaceful fragrance of these flowers reminds the receiver to take a deep breath and relax.

  1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is called lucky bamboo for a reason. These green plants are known to bring happiness, good fortune, and wealth to its receiver.Plus, the message you wish to convey also depends on the bamboo stalks. For instance, two stalks are for love, three for a happy and long life, five is for wealth, seven symbolizes health, eight symbolizes growth, nine is for luck, ten is for perfection, and twenty-one signifies a powerful blessing. You can gift lucky bamboo on New Year’s, anniversaries, birthdays, and other grand occasions.

  1. Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are said to be synonymous with peace, calm, balance, wisdom and inner strength. Being a symbol of art and spirituality, the plant helps the receiver connect with the natural world. These Bonsai trees are perfect forgifting to a special friend, colleague, relative, and those who acknowledges fine art. Perfect for gifting to someone who is retiring or starting a fresh venture, bonsai trees serve as meaningful gifts.

  1. Azalea

Azaleassymbolize delicacy and femininity and are are perfect plant gifts for the females in your life, for instance, your mother, wife, or daughter.Theselively plants can be gifted at any unique occasion, such as baby showers, holidays, housewarming party, or simply to make someone smile.

  1. Gardenia

The dainty gardenia plant symbolizes clarity, purity, and trust. Its beautiful white flowers have a beguiling fragrance that make these blooming, leafy plants a great fit for every occasion. From anniversaries to birthdays, these airy and aromatic plants help in expressing the feeling of love to the recipient.

These plant gift ideas are some of the best plant gifts you can gift with a message. Plants contain a lot of hidden power that positivity impacts a person’s life. You can easily buy these plants gifts online, so that you conveniently get them delivered to the receiver on a special occasion.