Friday, 14 June 2024

6 Important Things to Keep In Mind during Monsoon Period

The monsoon is considered as the welcome drink after the extreme summer temperature. But this season brings some unwelcomed guests that should be avoided at any cost. If you are thinking about what tips you must maintain during the monsoon time, you can go through the post below to know about them in brief.

  1.    Always Follow A Healthy Diet

This is the time when the digestive system in your body is prone to various infections. All the diseases in the rainy season are water-borne, and thus you must be sure to drink filtered or boiled water. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet during the monsoons; this means you should keep away the chaat, kulfis, golas and other street food off your menu. You must also avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits unless you are at home.

  1.    Drink Enough Water

Do not compensate drinking water with the carbonated, alcoholic drinks and beverages as the preservatives contained in them are a diuretic. You can choose the herbal teas that have antibacterial properties. Drinking enough water can help your body to flush out the impurities in the body.

  1.    Carry Umbrella And Rain Jackets

Though you might like to drench yourself in the rains, you should carry an umbrella or the rain jackets that will protect you from the heavy showers. You can get various types of umbrellas online or from the stores. Choose the design that matches up with your needs. You can also get the inverted umbrella in NZ   or from other areas at affordable prices.

The rain jackets are also good. They do protect not only your head but also your whole body including your dress. The designer umbrellas are also required during wedding or other ceremonies too.

  1.    Avoid Walking In The Rain

Though it seems like to be tempting, walking in the rainwater makes you prone to various infections as like the leptospirosis and it also causes various fungal infections on the feet and nails. Besides, if your feet get wet, dry your feet fast. You do not wear wet socks or shoes. Diabetic patients should take extra care, and they should avoid walking barefoot on the ground. If your clothes get wet, do not sit inside the AC for long and you should change your dress immediately. It is a good idea to keep extra clothes and footwear in the office during the monsoons.

  1.    Bath Twice A Day Is Very Important

It is better to take a shower when you reach home in the evening as it will insulate you from bacteria or other types of infection. You can also take vitamin C for boosting up your immunity level. Bathing twice a day can help you to keep yourself clean for long.

  1.    Do Not Leave Your Home Without The Mosquito Repellent

Accumulated water is the breeding ground for the insects and the monsoon time is the best time of malaria breeding. You should always wear mosquito repellent on the body.

These are 6 important tips or precautions you must maintain during the monsoons. You can go for the inverted umbrella in NZ or from other areas during the rainy season or any occasion.