Wednesday, 17 July 2024

3 Most Important Kitchen Equipment in Singapore For Your Bakery

If you want to open a bakery, investing in high-quality kitchen equipment in Singapore is a good step forward. The quality of your appliances will affect the quality of your food, after all.

Here are three pieces of kitchen equipment you need for your bakery, plus some tips on choosing the best one.

1. Ovens

It isn’t a bakery without anything to bake with, after all! When browsing, look for a UNOX oven from Singapore. UNOX ovens are self-cleaning, which will lessen the workload on you and your employees. You’ll have two kinds to choose from: combi ovens and convection ovens. Convection circulates dry heat, which is ideal for baking, roasting, and grilling. A combi oven has three settings: steam, convection, and both. The steam setting can cook rice, poach fish, and cook vegetables. Look at your menu and pick based on how you plan to cook these dishes.

2. Freezer

A refrigerator isn’t enough to store your perishables. Freezers are great for storing extra dough, for example. You can make big batches of cookie dough and take portions out when necessary. You can also freeze goods that are already baked and thaw them out. Make sure to get a commercial freezer from Singapore, as they are bigger and more heavy-duty than domestic freezers. They’re ideal for storing and handling large amounts of food.

3. Blast Chiller

Blast chillers and freezers don’t have the same function. Freezers keep foods at freezing temperatures, but a blast chiller only cools hot food down with cold air. You can use blast chillers on freshly baked goods to serve them at an optimal temperature without jeopardising their freshness. You don’t have to look for anything specific when looking for chillers from Singapore. Just make sure it’s of high quality to last a long time.

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