Monday, 22 April 2024

Be Classic and Elegant – Get Your Look from Your Style Guide!

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Pearls are not just jewelry pieces to embellish your beauty, they are beautiful themselves. Be it one string, two layers, multiple layers or a single pearl itself, gives you the best style statement. Pearl in many ways is a timeless purchase, but only if it is kept in precious care.

Just like human babies, these babies of oysters when in proper care can be passed from one generation to another otherwise, they will lose their luster.

Pearl can give you thousands of looks from casual, funky, retro to an elegant, classic and sophisticated since they go with every outfit of your wardrobe. If you love pearls and love to style them in your everyday look, then follow this style guide, which will help you with your queries.

Know your pearl!

It’s really necessary to know about your pearl. Their colours and the mood they want to develop because colours are not just parts of the spectrum of light, they are words to a story themselves. Build your outfit around the luster and colour of your pearl keeping the occasion in mind. Here are some colours and styling ideas.

  1. Pink- though it’s colour for a romantic evening or a light function if you want to highlight your skin tone, go for a pink pearl necklace. Single pearl necklace is the best option to make you look outstanding and elegant.
  • Lavender – isn’t the colour interesting. These pearls suit women with a darker skin tone or dark hair. The pearls give you a sophisticated as well as a glamorous look. However, the only disadvantage is that it’s not an everyday look. These beautiful pearls need it to be saved for special occasions.
  • Akoya and black are some other colours that give you a sophisticated look. There are many more colours and style that you can plan with your pearls.

Length of the pearl is another major aspect. There are some designs like princess, opera, rope, matinee, and chokers available in the market but you can decide your necklace as per your convenience.